sancti spiritus

we’re in sancti spiritus, about 387 km outside of havana. i got a bike finally, and its helping so much. my feet are chill, although i have two huge blisters that wont turn into calluses and still hurt like hell, but those started from the beginning of the walk. my knees are hurting and so are my muscles but duh we are doing like 30km daily. everything is good, we’re making it through. the living conditions have been crazy most of the time - sleeping on floors with all kinds of bugs scattering around us (luis scooped a turantula off of us the other night but i didnt wake up thank god!!!!!!) or in nasty hostels/old hotels where i dont wanna touch anything. but we sleep, and we get enough rest to continue walking the next day. the food has been terrible - ive been eating pork cause theres rarely anything besides pizza or ham sandwiches in most places - but i’m surviving.

its pretty wonderful to meet all the people we’ve had the pleasure to come across along the way. for some reason we attract all the crazies and all the drunks, hahaha - i tell luis its all his fault. i wanna quit every day because i’m tired, and i hurt, and i like nice things, and i love comfort, and good food, and rest, but the people keep me going. they tell us to keep going, that we’ll make it, and they\re hard workers. they give us cold water and fruit, and food, and sometimes a place to sleep. they stand in front of the virgen de la caridad and pray to her, write their ”peticiones” to her which we deposit inside of the sculpture to carry with us along the way, tell us they have goosebumps and that they believe in us and what we’re doing. i swear all the gangsters and drunks and crazies of the towns are immediately drawn to us and the sculpture, and they have been the most giving, helpful and protective people we’ve come in contact with. also, the poorest cubans have opened up their homes to us, and given us the little food they have to offer, which is crazy to me cause they have the least to give. it really is beautiful how giving everyone has been. on top of that, cuba’s countryside is absolutely stunning. grasshoppers at dusk that sound like bottle chimes swaying in the wind, sunsets and sunrises over luscious blankets of green, clouds you want to eat, and so much more. its beautiful and tranquil to be on a mission through cuban country roads, even with the sun trecherously beating down on us.

we have about 600/700km more to go, we’re a third of the way there. keep thinking of us, praying for us, wishing us luck - it’s helped wonders so far.

love tanya