APRIL 21ST, 2012

it's raining this morning, for the first time since i've been here. i

woke up around 8am to lighting, thunder and pouring rain (ace you would

have loved it ;-) and i was like, NOW im in cuba. it just didn't

feel all the way like the caribbean without the rain. i've ben waiting

for this, hoping it would rain, asking for it to rain, and it finally

has. the downpour of water, the impressive gusts of wind, the thunder,

they have quieted everything this morning - even if only for a second.


the usual ruckus that happens on the street is absent right now. cuba

is SO loud, ALL the time. and i'm on a residential street though, not

a main thoroughfare, so really theres no excuse. i can basically watch

the world from my window, cause theres so much going on all the time.

i swear, the other night around 2am in my sleepy haziness, it sounded

like they were trimming a tree right next to my bed. the city has a

soundtrack 24 hours a day 7 days a week - no sunday rest day for these

cubanos. you hear people talking to each other as they walk down the

street; or more commonly, someone on the street talking to someone up

on their balcony or porch - which is a loud ass conversation; or

someone on the street calling up to someone in one of the apartments

for them to come down or open the door; you hear cars, taxis and small

buses passing by, often honking - multiple times - which is followed

by an 'aha!' or 'voy!'; you hear women and men who sell

all kinds of things from ice cream and pastries to brooms yelling out

'helados helados, tengo helados' or similar phrasing for their

specific item for sale. if, none of that is happening, which is very

seldom, you hear the birds chirping, hooting, or there is one that

even makes kissing noises. that 'kissing' bird must be the national

bird of cuba, cause thats how people get each others attention here.

i'm not talking about men cat calling women, i'm talking about you're

walking down the street and you see someone you know, you kiss at them

to get their attention; you're downstairs and you left your key

upstairs, you kiss up at the open window and someone will buzz you in.

i swear cubans must have super sonic hearing, or they must be tuned

into some kind of cuban frequency, cause outside of the loud ass

things that happen, the rest are too quiet for me to hear. such as the

kissing up to the window, or when the 'machina' (cab) driver asks me

what street i'm getting out at for the second time. i have to ask,

'que' for a 3rd time, because he's talking so low. in those moments

i'm like, 'yo, i know you be screamin up to windows having

conversations, so can you please speak up.' i'm in a country full of

loud ass people, and i feel like i have arrived. :-)


its really coming down right now, it's beautiful. and it smells so

clean. treesy asked what it smells like in cuba, and honestly, it

smells like diesel exhaust. in the moments when you get a break from

that it smells like hot bread and pastries. i'm glad it's saturday

today, because i would have skipped class if it weren't.