La Caridad With Everyone: Two Artists Walk Across Cuba

In exactly a month I will begin walking 600 miles across Cuba with Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara in a performance art piece titled, ‘With Everyone and for the Good of Some.’ We will begin in Havana on September 8th and travel by foot to Santiago de Cuba with a 7 foot tall sculpture of the Patron Saint of Cuba, ‘La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre’ that Luis is making. We’ll stop in towns and cities along the way and I will photo and video document our journey. (Video about the project)

I’m nervous. I’ve never walked 600 miles straight, even if its over a few months. I’ve never walked across Cuba, let alone across Los Angeles or some other place I actually know. I’m nervous, but I’m excited. I feel like this is an amazing adventure that I wont get the opportunity to repeat. I mean, who gets to see all of Cuba by foot? Who gets to document the interactions between the most venerated Saint of Cuba - who is seen as the warrior virgin responsible for all of Cuba’s strength, resolve and good fortune - and the people of the small island that fights for its survival every day? I think the journey will be difficult, but more rewarding than anything else. 

This piece speaks to me in so many ways. The fact that its out in the world and not in a white box; that it interacts with real people and not only the art elite; and that it functions beyond the aesthetic is all super important to me. I hope our ideas translate to the world outside of our heads and that it resonates with the people of Cuba. 

If folks know people that might be interested in writing about the project on their blog/site, or in their magazine/paper/ whatever, please pass my information on to them. We don’t want this to happen in a vacuum, we’ve spent a lot of time on it. And if you feel inclined to donate towards the project, or know someone that would be interested in donating, you can do so here

I’ll be blogging and posting photos as much as I can on the road. Wish me luck! And send out positive energy so that we have the safest, easiest journey possible.