I have lost Hope
I cannot find her
Her fragrant hair now only a ribbon of memory
Her dress listlessly hangs from a rusted hanger
Her shoes, which once danced, are soulless and hollow
Hope, come back
I can search for you no longer
Cannot even remember your smile
You turned your back on me, ran out laughing, and all I have left is an echo
It bounces from ear to ear, ping pongs to my heart, and scrapes it's way through every channel in my brain
How do I find you if I haven't even the means to look
My eyes, which once saw color and drew pictures behind closed lids, are now charcoal, and can only paint black circles
You were my god
I sacrificed for you
Left offerings which you took and left empty
Only bloody shells
Only a bloody shell
I belonged to you, I was happy there
Now what is left?
I cannot even remember my own name
I no longer know what it means
Don't know how to roll my tongue, reach for an apple, or how to dip my toe into the water
Won't someone bring her back to me?
I have been robbed
She was snatched from me before my very own eyes
Ripped from my very hands
The ghost of her still lingers, but the vapors disperse as soon as I draw near
Hope, where have you gone?
What shall I do now?
Someone is calling
The sun catches my eye